Dr. Howard Gluss

Dr. Howard Gluss (Dr. G)

Howard Gluss

Dr. Gluss is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist.  He is an author, psychotherapist, speaker, entertainment consultant and radio talk-show host. He began broadcasting in the U.S. in 2008.  His radio talk-shows featured directors, actors, producers, Pulitzer Prize winners, bestselling authors, politicians, social and cultural activists, as well as other visionaries at the top of their field.

Dr. Gluss’ private practice focuses on Psychological Assessment (Neuropsychological, Biopsychosocial and Forensic), Executive Coaching, and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.  His clinical experience addresses Chronic Illness, Mood / Anxiety Disorders, Eating Disorders and Obesity, Geriatric and Adolescent Psychology, LGBT Issues, Couples Therapy and Substance Abuse.


Dr.G is the author of the book, “Reel People: Finding Ourselves in the Movies”.  He is currently working on a book about the psychology of success, and a book about the psychology of weight loss.


Check out Dr G’s Shrink Website:  www.drgluss.com

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